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The Best Baby Changing Table for You and Your Little One 

Whether you are on your first journey into parenthood or you are adding the last kiddo to your family, some things never change. Diaper changes are one of the less glamorous chores of parenting but they can become a little easier by choosing the right baby changing table. 

The best changing table is the one that meets your needs and fits your budget. It can be a different choice for every mom and dad but it should always make your life easier. A baby changing station will position your little one at the right height, keep all your supplies in one place and keep you and your baby tidy. 

If you are considering a baby changing table, consider these factors before taking the plunge and choose from our top picks.

Do You Really Need A Baby Changing Table?

It is not totally necessary to buy a sanctioned baby changing table if you don’t have the means to. You can DIY your own baby changing station with an old dresser you’ve converted with a changing pad or another creative option you’ve had the time to whip up. However, a designated baby changing station has perks that a DIY option may not.

Some tables have raised side rails in case your little one tries to pull a runner mid-change. Others feature extra space and storage, easy to wipe surfaces, and shelving so you can organize your favorite supplies. To top it off, all modern baby changing tables must pass safety standards and feature non-toxic paint so you can change your baby with peace of mind.

Whatever you choose, the essential idea is to ensure you have a safe and secure space for changes. You’re likely to be using your baby changing station upwards of TEN times a day in the early weeks and months, so having a space dedicated to the task will save you time, hassle and sanity. 

When Do You Need A Baby Changing Table?

We hate to break it to you but diaper changes are a pretty immediate job. From day one you can expect diaper changes. In the early weeks, you can expect to be changing your little one’s diaper 10 to 12 times per day but luckily that drops down to approximately 8 by the first birthday. 

Potty training usually takes place between 12 to 36 months, and toddler diaper changes can be especially difficult. This means that a diaper changing table will be a well-used investment for your baby.

Things to Consider Before You Buy A Baby Changing Table

If you do decide to buy a baby changing table, it’s worth considering a range of purchasing factors. 

Wall Mounts

Make sure the baby changing table you buy can be attached to the wall. As parents, we want to reduce any chance of the table rocking or moving if you have a squirming baby or a toddler pretending to be King Kong at the top of the Empire State building. 

Most manufacturers include tethers and mounts to attach your baby changing station to the wall. If they have been overlooked you can easily order them online or find them at your local hardware store.

Alternatively, if wall mounts are not included check to see how the manufacturer increased stability. Some baby changing stations have distributed the weight of the station along the lower half of the table.


One huge benefit of a well-designed baby changing table is the added storage it provides. You can keep all of your necessary baby changing supplies - creams, diapers, powders and baby wipes - all in one convenient place. 

Just keep in mind that these shelves and drawers should be somewhere out of reach of tiny hands. Your curious baby is likely to find anything on or around the changing pad that could provide them with entertainment during diaper time. 


Straps can be a helpful added feature. They should gently keep your baby strapped into place and they are a great feature for first-time parents since they add an extra level of comfort and security. 

However, keep in mind that they should never be relied on or considered a sole diaper changing table safety feature. Always keep one hand on your wriggling baby while you’re at the changing table. 

Non-toxic paint

It wasn’t so long ago that paint wouldn’t have been considered a purchasing factor. However, with the evidence we have now, we know that lead paints can be extremely toxic and dangerous to you and your developing baby. Accordingly, most diaper changing stations are made without lead paint.

Be careful when accepting upcycled changing tables from friends or family. Old paints could have traces of lead hiding in them. If buying new, carefully check the label, although most manufacturers use safe paint today. 

Weight and Height

Be mindful as your baby grows. Consider how much weight and height your baby changing station can take and trade it in for a new one if it is starting to reach its capacity. 

Also, don’t overload your table with too many supplies which may affect the structural integrity of the station. A table is meant to make the changing experience safer, not less so.


The colors of your baby changing station may not have a huge impact on the changing process but we know how much effort parents put into designing the nursery.  Regardless of gender, choose pastel or monochromatic colors which will soothe your baby during diaper time and avoid overstimulation. Color psychologists have found that reds can simulate the best of us, while whites, blues and greens are generally more calming.


Some parents like to choose a baby changing station that can be used for other purposes once your little one outgrows it. If you don’t have someone to pass it down to consider converting your baby changing table into storage in your toddler’s nursery. We have seen lots of creative uses for preloved baby changing tables which include laundry room storage, barware display and more.

The Best Baby Changing Tables

We’re making it easier than ever to choose the right baby changing table for your family. Our network of parents have tried countless stations and these ones have made the list of our favorites. 

The following are some of the baby changing stations that will suit most parents.

Simmons Kids SlumberTime Paloma Changing Table

This design is known for being strong, sturdy and beautiful. It's available in two different color options, Rustic Grey and Rustic Whitewash, and will suit any nursery. The SlumberTime changing table includes a removable changing top and drawers to stock up on all your diaper changing needs. 

The drawers are a tight fit to keep little hands from yanking them open during a change and the unit features non-toxic paint products. As a whole, it has been tested to exceed government and ASTM standards. 

After your little one has outgrown the changing station, easily transform this into their dresser which they can continue to use for years to come. There are two smaller drawers on the top level, which are perfect for smaller garments.

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

You can’t go wrong with this Dream On Me changing table. It comes in a wide range of colors and is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood. To easily get started a 1” changing pad is included.

The Dream On Me baby changing table has safety rails on four sides and is fully enclosed for a secure changing experience. Plus, the finish is easy to wipe down and has been rigorously tested for safety.  

The table itself is small and weighs just under 20 lbs in total, making it great for small nurseries or space-conscious parents. It comes with an open shelf design for all your storage needs. You can easily fit a diaper bag or two, and still have room for all your other necessities. 

The Dream On Me Emily changing table is perfect for those who want to balance affordability with practicality.

Ava Three Drawer Dresser With Changing Top 

Another great option that can be used for years to come is the Ava Changing Top. This part-dresser, part-changing top station features a removable changing pad and will look stylish in any home.

The three-drawer system is great for stocking supplies away from the prying hands of babies and toddlers. It is made of sturdy wood, weighing 50 pounds in total, so you won’t need to worry about any swaying which may take place on lower quality products.

Plus, it features non-toxic paint, wipeable surfaces and safety stop drawers that won’t hurt little hands if you turn the drawer into part of the nursery later down the line.

Kendall Extra Wide Nursery Dresser and Topper Set 

If you’re looking for a beautifully made and functional nursery dresser, look no further than the Kendall dresser from Pottery Barn Kids. The classic look and built-to-last material make it a timeless piece of furniture you or your children can use well into their teenage years.

The devil is in the detail with this piece. It features a removable changing pad top and a soft felt lining to protect the dresser from any damage. The seven drawer system is made from ultra-durable and solid Sap Gum and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) which is renowned for its exceptional strength. Each comes with an anti-tip kit which includes mounting hardware, a nylon strap and detailed instructions. 

Since this is quite a large investment piece be sure to double measurements before making your purchase.  

Jordan Storage Changing Table

We love the innovative design of the Jordan changing table. It features clean lines, open shelving and comes in two classic colors - grey or white.

Since this changing table doesn't take up too much space, it is great for a small nursery. It offers four spacious cubbies that are great for mom and dad during the diaper-changing years but that can also be converted into a great-looking bookcase or toy storage later down the line. 

This piece is known for being easy to put together and is certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM.

Badger Basket Modern Baby Changing Table 

This modern changing station means business. It features rails on each side to enhance safety and comes with an anti-tip mounting kit that secures the station to the wall. The changing pads, drawers and hamper are all included in the price. 

The three drawers are great for storing diapers and diaper-changing accessories and keeps them all out of reach of your baby. The addition of a hamper basket means that you can throw your baby's pajamas or clothes straight into the dirty hamper without having to blink in another direction. 

This affordable baby changing station comes available in four different colors to suit your nursery style and is known for its easy assembly. 

Changing Table Accessories 

Once you’ve found the best table for your baby changing station, a few accessories can go a long way to contribute to the ultimate diaper changing set up

You can find a changing station caddy that will help keep your favorite accessories such as creams, wipes, lotions, and diapers, all organized in one location. And of course, don’t forget about a diaper genie to make cleaning up a breeze! 

However, our favorite accessory is the Diapertainment system. The wall-mounted Diapertainment system plays your baby's favorite videos, shows, or apps above your baby changing station to help keep your little one distracted while you're busy getting the job done. It is designed to be compatible with all major phone models for a squirm-free, scream-free diaper change. 

There may be more to consider when it comes to choosing a baby changing table than initially meets the eye. However, a proper baby changing station is not something that should be overlooked. 

It may seem like your little one is outgrowing something new each day but when it comes to changing diapers as often as you do, you’ll want to invest in this expense. Make changes as easy as possible with a baby changing table for your family. 

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