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Top 7 Baby Diaper Changing Games

Of all the beautiful moments we get to share with our little ones, diaper time doesn’t usually make the top of our lists. However, you can make diapering more enjoyable by incorporating some baby diaper changing games into your day-to-day routine. 

Finding some creative diaper time distractions can prove to be a bonding experience for parents and babies while contributing to your little one’s learning and communication skills. These are proven to work on even the fussiest babies and toddlers during diaper time

Baby Diaper Changing Games

Check out our list of baby diaper changing games we’ve put together with the help of industry experts and parents just like you. 

Funny Noises

Laughter is not only the best medicine. It also serves as a pretty great distraction for roaming hands and feet. When you get to the diaper changing station, try making some silly noises! Starting from just a few months old, babies are ready to laugh up a storm.

Find out what works with your baby. Try some sweet coos or repeat back the noises your baby makes. You can try mooing like a cow or oinking like a pig while encouraging them to do the same. Whatever gets a little giggle is success.

This is a great opportunity for your baby to start developing communication skills with adults. Even if all they want to do is coo and caw, creating a back and forth “conversation” is great for early development! 

Kid Safe Mirror 

Young babies are fascinated with their reflection, even if they haven’t quite figured out who’s looking back. For this baby diaper changing game, find yourself a shatterproof mirror at your local baby supply store and hand it over to those squirmy little hands. At the next changing time it may free up just enough time to get that dirty diaper off and a fresh one on! Your heart will melt as they make friends with their own reflection. 

Tell A Story 

Storytime is another great form of creating a dialogue between parent and baby at diaper changing time. Involve something in the story that your baby might be taking an interest in. It can be anything from a favorite toy to a pair of shoes. You can even give them the item to play with while you tell the story.

“Once upon a time…” is often enough to get your baby focusing on you and not the diaper changing or how long you’ve been at the changing time. For the younger babies, just the sound of your voice telling a story may be enough to keep them occupied. 

For toddlers, get them more involved in storytime. Allow them to point to objects around the room to include in the story or use your little one as the main character. Humans naturally pay more attention when their names are included in a conversation and that’s true for babies too! 

Create A Photo Collage 

How about creating your very own art installation? If your diaper changing table has a wall close by, try crafting a photo collage somewhere your baby can see it. Point out some of the pictures and talk about what you see in them. “Do you see the red bike?” “Isn’t that a pretty blue flower?” 

For this baby diaper changing game, ask your baby questions about what they see and encourage them to vocalize their answers! They may not be forming sentences or even words yet, but it can be a great way to create conversation skills and start associating objects.

You can even use the wall-mounted Diapertainment system to show your little one a collage or slideshow you’ve created on your phone. The clear, angled tray is custom-designed for a diaper changing station. It keeps the phone and baby safe by attaching to the wall at the perfect viewing angle for your baby. Some parents use high contrast flashcards in their Diapertainment for this game.

Get Moving

Try getting your baby moving with some mild stretching. You can gently stretch their arms out wide or over to one side and up above their head. Watch and see what feels good for your baby during this baby diaper changing game. Explain what you’re doing in a playful manner as you move their arms or legs around. 

Giving your baby the option to move around just a little helps keep them distracted. Remember your baby’s concept of time is completely different than ours and that time on the mat can feel like an eternity! 

Disappearing Acts 

A classic is a classic because it works. Peek-a-boo is one of the baby diaper changing games that has stood the test of time - and that’s because it’s based on a theory called object permanence. 

This is a theory within psychology and specifically within early child development. It is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard or otherwise sensed. A baby diaper changing game of peek-a-boo is the perfect way for your little one to start understanding this. 

You can hold your baby’s favorite blanket just away from their face so it’s covering their eyes and say “Where’d you go?” in a playful tone. Remove the blanket so they can see your face again, and wait for the fascination on your baby's face. 

Once they are comfortable with the game and understand, let them hold the blanket while you play, and give yourself two free hands to get that diaper changed and keep your little one entertained!


You don’t have to be the master of all the changing baby diaper games. Use the Diapertainment system to play a baby-friendly video or song to keep your little one occupied during diaper time. 

Mount the transparent unit to the wall near your changing station and simply slip your phone into the sleeve. Even a short thirty second clip can be long enough for you to get the work done and head back to playtime.

We know that our little ones love to play. So, keep them engaged, learning and bonding with mom or dad at this important time of day with these baby changing diaper games. 

Have you tried any of these baby changing diaper games? Or do you know some that didn’t make the list? Share your experiences below. 

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