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Survey Results: The State of Diapering

Diapertainment was invented by a mom with a squirmy toddler on the changing table.  But we couldn’t help but ask: is diapering this hard for everyone?  Enter: market research.  We launched a survey to parents of babies ages 9-36 months.  The results gave us conviction in our product idea -- and a lot of chuckles.

Exactly how hard is diapering?

  • 91% of parents use some form of entertainment on the changing table, such as a toy, a phone, or even a snack! 
  • One dad even reported having to “use visual and musical stimulus from an iMac nearby and play songs from YouTube” to entertain his baby while diapering.

Would parents really give their baby their phone?

  • As it turns out, Diapertainment’s Founder isn’t the only one desperate enough to hand a very expensive device to a squirmy toddler!  52% of parents report that they have handed their phone to their baby while diapering, even without a secure setup.
  • Understandably, the phone’s safety is a meaningful consideration for parents.  Of the 48% of parents who have never given baby their phone during diapering, 19% of them would “probably” let their baby watch videos while diapering if they could keep their phone safe. 

Just for fun, we gave parents an open question: “Please describe any challenges with keeping your baby still while changing his/her diaper.” 

  • “He tends to try to stand or turn while changing. I have even changed him while he was standing.”
  • “He flips over and runs away.”  (This mom already “frequently” hands her 15-18-month old baby her phone!)
  • “It’s sometimes hard to keep the poop from getting on his feet when he’s wiggly.”
  • “He loves to flip over being silly.”  (Not surprisingly, this mom reported that she would “definitely” give baby her phone if she could keep her phone safe.)
  • “More squirming means I may miss something which may mean a rash later.”
  • “My one year old is impossible to change… I’m always having to find something to entertain her, but sometimes she doesn’t even want whatever it is and she keeps reaching in the diaper for her poop and wiggling all around.”
  • “Toddlers are a**holes.  They like to squirm for no reason at all.”

Thanks for the input, parents.  Worry not – Diapertainment is here!

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