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The Ultimate Diaper Changing Station Setup Guide

Having a baby? Congratulations! It’s time to stock up on all the essentials you’ll need to take care of your bundle (and yourself). As you register for clothes, furniture, and other baby gear, here’s one principle to keep in mind: Always aim to choose items that’ll make your life easier by saving time and frustration. Take the changing table, for example.

The truth is, you’ll be changing a lot of diapers for a long time. The bed or a carpet work fine in a pinch, but a designated diaper changing space can streamline a process you’ll do several times a day for several months. Imagine that a changing table isn’t just a place to swap out diapers, but a full-on station to store everything you might need along the way, from wipes and a change of clothes to a diaper pail.

Ready to register or set up your diaper station? Here’s our must-have list.

  • Changing table: Your changing table is the foundation for your diaper-station setup. As great as that high-end, super-modern piece may look, your future (read: exhausted) self will probably value efficiency over aesthetics. So opt to balance form and function with a changing table that makes changing as easy as possible. A multi-functional piece that also works as a dresser could save space in smaller rooms, but keep it mind you may miss out on the built-in storage space for accessories that a standard table includes.
  • Changing pad: Not all changing tables come with accompanying changing pads, so you may need to choose one. Keep the look cohesive by grabbing one from the same store, and while you’re at it, grab an extra cover or two in case you need to switch due to an unexpected mess.
  • Diapers: What’s a diaper changing table if you don’t have diapers? We like to make diapers simple to grab from a basket on a shelf below the changing pad, with a backup package (or several!) tucked in a closet. If you’re using cloth diapers, keep a basket or bin of covers and inserts. And if you’re registering for a new baby, it can’t hurt to have newborn and size 1 on hand.
  • Wipes: Whether you opt for fragrance-free, generic, or name-brand, make sure to keep extra wipes on hand at or near your diaper station — you’ll need them. Keep wipes moist by making sure to close the cover completely after you use it. If yours dry out, just add some water to the bag and allow them to sit overnight with the cover closed.  If your baby can’t stand cold wipes, a wipe warmer can save the day!
  • Soothers: Let’s face it: Babies don’t always love sitting still at the changing table. Make the process easier for everyone by equipping your changing station with soothers, like an extra pacifier or rattle. 52% of parents have pacified squirmy babies with a video on their phone or Facetime with Grandma, so opt for a Diapertainment to make a phone soother safer and cleaner for everyone.
  • Diaper bin: A trash can is an OK storage solution, but diapers aren’t regular trash. Banish stinky-diaper smell from your little one’s nursery with a dedicated diaper pail that seals off scents and absorbs odors.  Don’t forget to empty it on the regular and buy spare bags for your bin!
  • A basket of go-to accessories: Time at your changing station inevitably involves the obvious, but you’ll also likely want to take care of other concerns like baby’s diaper rash, dry skin, or eczema. Keep a basket or bin of must-haves like diaper cream, lotion, nail clippers, a first-aid kit, and any other products you may need for baby care.
  • Outfit changes: Soiled clothes are par for the course, so always keep a bin of clean clothes on your diaper changing station, including pants, socks, and onesies — just add fresh items when you swap outfits so the basket stays stocked up. Don’t forget pajamas (we like zip-ups to save time, especially in the dark!) for those messy, middle-of-the-night changes.
  • Laundry bin: You’ll need a place to toss those dirty clothes, so add a hamper or laundry bin near the diaper table for convenience. Plastic bags or a laundry bag might also be helpful for transporting soiled clothes to your laundry area (and storing them until you can wash them).
  • Hand sanitizer: Baby isn’t the only one who can get messy during a diaper change! Keep things hygienic with your favorite hand-sanitizer, ideally in a pump bottle for ease. (Add some hand lotion, too, if you have room!)

It may feel like a lot of work to stock up your diaper changing station, but with the right tools on hand, the whole process will be easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Click here to learn more about how Diapertainment can take the stress out of diaper changing!

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