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Top Diapering Tips from Parents

As important as diapering is to our babies’ well-being –– and as often as we do it –– it’s also not always an easy job. From hourly, middle-of-the-night changes to screaming, squirmy babies and all the messy blow-outs in between, we totally understand the frustrations that can come with changing a little one’s diaper. 

One place to start: Keep baby occupied (and safe) on the changing table with Diapertainment. Just mount it on the wall, pop in your device, and turn on your favorite video. Need more tips? We’re firm believers that nobody has better insight on optimizing diaper changing than the parents who do it every day. 

Here are some of the smartest, game-changing tips we learned from mom bloggers about how to make diaper changing less of a struggle.

Involve siblings

Four hands are better than two! If you have older kids, blogger Holly Nordenberg of I’m With Holly suggests enlisting their help. “Have them fetch diapers or wipes, or give them the task of entertaining baby during the change,” she says. Not only will you save time and stress; you’ll also help the older sibling feel significant and valued.

Change while it’s fresh 

Another smart tip from Nordenberg: Never put off changing when the baby has a poopy diaper. It’s easier to clean up when it’s fresh, and if you wait, it’ll get stiff, stick to baby’s skin, and possibly irritate their bottom.

Choose a diaper change toy

Anna Lange of Classic Anna understands how important it is to preoccupy a curious, squirmy baby during a change. That’s why she keeps a diaper change toy in her diaper bag and at the changing table. “It’s something small and inexpensive to keep little hands out of that area so I can change my baby quickly without fighting him to keep his hands up or from rolling over,” she says.

Use a puppy training pad

There are plenty of great creams and ointments for diaper rash, but Lange has another trick. “I lay out a puppy training pad so the baby can air dry and help clear the rash up with no mess,” she says. “That combined with a diaper cream spray is a sure-fire way to make sure the rash is gone in hours.”

Put the new diaper underneath

Whether you’re changing a crying newborn or a toddler who can’t wait to get off the table, speed is key. Alice Anderson of Mommy to Mom suggests placing a fresh diaper opened up underneath your baby before you take the old diaper off. A lot can happen while you're trying to reach for a new diaper,” she says. “This way, you clean your baby, roll the dirty diaper up, and all you need to do is secure the new one that is already underneath!”

Size up

It’s a beautiful thing when baby starts sleeping longer stretches at night. But what about that wet diaper? Lauren Levy, blogger at Aden’s Mom, has a brilliant recommendation: Delay diaper changes by sizing up. If that doesn’t work and your baby is soaking through diapers, she suggests Huggies Overnites, sizing up if you need to for maximum absorption.

Prep the diaper station

Sarah Roberts of Snugglebug Life swears by a well-equipped diaper station. When she’s actually ready to change her baby's diaper, she always has a fresh, new diaper open and ready. She also opens the wipes (and pulls out a few for poopy diapers) and diaper cream prior to opening the dirty diaper.

DIY a diaper caddy

Whether you don’t have a formal changing table or you want to create another diapering space, blogger Jen Bradley suggests turning a small fabric or plastic bin into a diaper caddy by filling it with diapers, diaper cream, wipes, a mat, and a small baby toy or two. Everything will be at the ready when you need it! 

Shield with a diaper

This one’s for the boy moms. “If you’re changing a boy, open a clean diaper to use as a shield while you’re cleaning his bottom,” Bradley suggests. “This will keep unexpected accidents from going very far!”

Don’t neglect the diaper pail

It might seem like an unnecessary investment, but Nadia McDannels of Which Diapers Are The Best says a diaper pail is more than just a fancy trash can –– having one can make diaper changing both faster and more convenient. “Before becoming a mom, I certainly underestimated the time I definitely would not have to make trips back and forth to the kitchen trash,” she says. Now, I can change my babies and dispose of their dirty diapers in one place and the anti-bacterial properties keep the smells at bay.”

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